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About us

We know, we know, everyone keeps asking why the ‘Purr’ if you don’t sell any cat stuff. Well we just thought it sounded cool and liked the way it ends with ‘rrrrrrrrrrr’. Basically we just wanted to sound cool, and ‘Shakespurr’ is a really awesome ‘pun’ intended.

At the moment we sell all kinds of cool products. It's actually some pretty amazing and cool stuff we've got here. Even though we don’t have any things for cats, we might get some for our furry friends in the future. Actually the only reason we don’t anything for them is, our newly appointed CEO is allergic to anything related to cats and we’re desperately trying to get rid of her.

Update on the above: We've now got a new CEO and hence we're on our way to launch some cool cat stuff.

We have got a lot of the latest crazy sh*t that you can find out there but be patient if you don’t find something you want which you might have seen somewhere else, just email us with ideas of the products and if it’s cool enough for the site and obviously makes us few more bucks (we gotta feed our kids too man) we will get it out here and give you an extra 15% discount on your next purchase.