How does shipping work?

Items that are shipped directly from one of our Shakespurr UK warehouses in London are delivered within 3 – 5 working days within UK and is mentioned at the bottom of each product if they're delivered within this shipping times.

Courier times will vary from product to product and from country to country, so please allow between 4 - 40 days for delivery.

All our deliveries are FREE unless mentioned on product details.

Orders are usually processed within 24 hrs of submission and you'll receive a confirmation email once its done. 


We have partnered with different global merchants & artisans to provide you the best prices for the most interesting products and hence most of our items are shipped by our manufacturers directly from outside of UK and not from one of our own London warehouses; hence arrival times are between 2 – 4 weeks but usually take less than that. We have warehouses in China, India, Canada, Australia & Philippines. Please don't panic it will arrive with you soon :) 

Why is there a return address from China on the package?
We've warehouses all over the world, but sometimes our manufacturer forgets and put their own address to look cool, they're human after all even if they're in China. So don't panic, we won't ask you to return it back to China, or Canada or Australia, just give us a shout and we'll take care of it for you ;)

Do you include invoices or prices in the order?
No invoice or price list, we love saving trees & the odd rubbish. If you do need an invoice, simply get in touch and we’ll email you one over. An order email confirmation will anyways be sent to you once payment is done that will have all the details.

Something from my order is missing, what do I do?
Don’t fret; it’s most likely on its way. Just get in touch and we’ll track it down where it’s sneaked off to.

What happens if I’m not in to receive my delivery?
All of our delivery carriers will leave you a ‘failed delivery’ card or they will try and delivery to your immediate neighbours if you’re not home; otherwise they’ll return your parcel to your Local Sorting Office for collection within 18 days. Depending on the carrier, you can also re-arrange delivery (not possible every time).

Why can’t I get this to my country?
We want to be able to deliver all of our products to every country in the world, but unfortunately at this moment it’s not possible, sorry. We will come to your country soon, but if you're patient enough, just send us a lovely email if you want something and we might just make you happy.

Do you offer free returns?
No, but you can return it to us by paying shipping costs for a full refund.

Is Shakespurr secure?
Your safety is guaranteed because Shakespurr.co.uk uses the latest security measures to protect your details when you shop with us. We use 256-bit SSL Software to encrypt your credit/debit card information when you place an order on Shopify secure server, which means that only Shopify are able to decrypt the information in order to process your transaction.

After you click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button, secure pages are indicated by:

• the web address changing from "http://" to "https://"; and
• a "padlock" symbol (or key) in the bottom right-hand status bar of your web browser.

In the unlikely event of unauthorised use of your credit or debit card for a purchase at Shakespurr.co.uk, most banks and card issuers either cover all the charges or may limit your liability to just £50.00. If you feel that you have been the victim of fraud, please contact your banking institution immediately, and then let us know.