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Beard Bib for clutter free shaving - Shakespurr

Beard Bib for clutter free shaving

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Do you always follow ‘No shave days’, to avoid the hassle of cleaning up after shaving? Indeed you would need a microscopic vision to clean up the trimmings, shun away this daily struggle by wearing the Beard Bib.

Wrap the Bib around your neck and attach the other end of the bib on the mirror through the 2 suction cups. The trap is now ready to hold your trimmed facial hair, once done gently hold the ends of the bib and discard its contents into the bin.

With the Beard Bib on, what if you have to answer the doorbell? Don’t worry you need not carry the bib along. Simply untie the neck strap and tuck them on the back of the suction cups. Once you are back, put it back and get going. It’s clean and simple.

For the young and the not so young, you can grab the Beard bib in either black or white colour to contrast with your Beard colour.

Trim your beard without the mess! BE A MAN!

Product features:-

  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Easily attachable to mirror, thereby creating a net to hold the facial trimmings
  • Hassle free disposal of bristles.
  • One size fits all.

Order now to receive in 3 - 5 days except weekends only in the UK.

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