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Blackhead Removing Face Mask

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The #1 Selling Blackhead Removing Face Wash has now arrived that will eliminate all of your blackhead & whitehead problems! This mask penetrates deep into your skin and safely removes all blackheads in those difficult to reach areas to give you a nice and clean feeling. 

This deep cleansing peel off mask will take out all the dirts and other nasties from your face to make it shine and beautiful and help in preventing any future breakouts!

  • The #1 Selling Blackhead Removing Face Mask out now
  • Penetrates deep and activated charcoal helps in peeling all blackheads
  • Penetrates the acne causing pores and prevents any future breakouts
  • Gives a soft feeling sensation and a smoother skin
  • 50ml pack
Charity Appeal: "% of the sales will go to support a charity in Italy, more info here:" 
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