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Illuminated bowl - Glow in the dark

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As it gets dark, it gets scary, not just for kids but for some adults too. For the scaredy-cats, Illumibowl brings some light into their life, quite literally. Walk into the bathroom in dark and abracadabra you see toilet glowing, Illumibowl does the magic for you.

Advisable for people who sleepwalk, the colourful lights in your toilet might wake you up and you may then reach your bed for a peaceful sleep.

It is a light-activated night light for your toilet. It fits on the rim of any toilet & turns itself on & illuminates the inner bowl any time you walk into the bathroom at night. No more blinding midnight lights; stumbling around in the dark; falling in the toilet; or aiming in the dark and making a mess! Finally!

Don't Worry, Pee Happy!
We made going to the bathroom fun! Who said going to the bathroom has to be boring? With its Multi-Colour Options your inner child will be dancing with glee every time you pee!

Motion activated toilet night light
Fits any toilet
Give your toilet a sprinkle of colour
Comes with 9 colour options!

• You can set your lights to any single colour or colour-rotate (Red, Orange, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, Pink, White).
• It's suction cups and adjustable arm allow you to custom fit it to your toilet so that it will fit perfect and discreetly out of the way on your toilet no matter it's shape or size.
• Easy to clean. Simply wipe it off with wet wipes, a damp cloth, or whatever you already use to clean off your outer bowl.
Requires 3 AAA Batteries (Not included)

Package content
1 x toilet night light (Without AAA Batteries)

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• Due to the nature of this product, we are unable to offer our usual 14-day returns policy.

Note: The product design might slightly vary than shown in the picture, we've just tweaked it a little but it does exactly the same job.

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