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Jibber Jabber Party Game - Available only in UK

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Your mom would have understood your gibberish talks as a toddler, how well can she guess it now? Try it now with Jibber Jabber Party game.

Start this festive season on a hilarious note with your family and friends. Just place the mouthpiece and you will start speaking in a different tune.

So how does this laughter riot begin? Start by forming two teams, one of the team members would pick a mouthpiece, wear it. With a funny looking stretched mouth, the person now has to select a phrase card from the deck and try muttering it. It’s not just one word on the card; it would be a phrase consisting of 4-6 words. Now that’s a challenge for the team mates to guess.

You can’t take your own sweet time to explain the phrase, there is clock ticking. The team which manages to guess maximum phrases within the stipulated time wins the game.

Add more spice to this game by setting rules best known to your team. Jibber Jabber can be played by all, old and young, however the box states 16+ years. You might break that rule!!.

A word of caution: Don’t complain if your stomach aches after a huge dose of laughter. ROFL.

Package Contents:

  • 6 x Mouthpieces
  • 200 x plastic coated phrase cards
  • Timer

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