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Power packed Emojis - Shakespurr

Power packed Emojis

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Square, rectangular, if these are all the shapes your power backup comes in, it’s time to pop out some fun elements which makes charging merrier. Emoji chargers not only sparks your devices but also makes mundane activity of charging more fun.

Running out of power on your phone is a nightmare; bring a little fun to recharging with these emoji power bank chargers! Keep your phone charged up in case of emojencies.

Mammoth 2600mAh battery brings most smart phones back to life.
Based on the world’s most popular icon-based language, these chunky Emoji Chargers bring a little character and personality to the daily act of powering up a smart phone.
Device charges iOS, Android devices, vape pens, GoPro and many other devices. Provides 100% full charge for iPhone 4, 5 and 6/6s and up to 70% charge for iPads.
• Battery Capacity: 2,600 mAH
• Input: 5v/1a
• Output: 5v/1a
Internal LED glows red whilst charging from laptop and blue whilst charging phone.

Package content
• 1 Emoji Powerbank Charger
• 1 Micro USB Charging Cord*
*This cord is used specifically to recharge the power bank when the power is depleted. This cord is not used to power your own devices. We advise you to use your own charging cords to power your own devices.
Dimensions 3 5/8" x 3 5/8" x 1 1/8"

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