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Uniball Drawing Pens Black (Pack of 6)

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This uni-ball Pen set are a pack of fine tip drawing pens, ideal for all types of artsy drawings and designs. The Pin range contains uni Super Ink that makes it fade resistant, water resistant and also tamper proof.

These ultra fine pens come with smooth flowing ink that features superior water resistance, and hence once it dries, the ink will not smear or blot, even if water is spilt on any of the pages.

These are perfect for art and design and give a pin point accuracy providing super resistance, resilience and colour that lasts forever. 

Perfect for  artwork, sketches, stencils and technical drawing.

Package includes 6 pens 
Pen Tips:  0.05mm - 0.1mm - 0.2mm - 0.3mm - 0.5mm - 0.8mm

Charity Appeal: "% of the sales will go to support a charity in Italy, more info here: www.eremo.net"
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